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10:47pm 10/11/2004
mood: drained
Mmm, so...the end of the world is Friday...report cards.
I feel so childish for fearing them...just a piece of paper...with letters...ack.

Anyhow, I'm sweaty, going to take a shower.
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02:17pm 19/10/2004
mood: indescribable
Well it seems that my LJ is my 'angry' diary. I mean, all I do is bitch about things here, and that doesn't make for a very good journal. :-/
We had a bias forum at school, they made too much of a deal of racial profiling, I mean, we're pretty good about that here. It's this lady in the office that really pisses me off. I needed a metrocard to get to class, and yet she doesn't give me one even though it's the day before I'm 'supposed' to get one. And so...she just gave me this look and was like, "I'm sorry"
Haha- yeah right. I wasn't at all amused.
Anyhow. The weather is really bringing me down today. It's dank, dark, and the atmosphere of it all is making me incredibly tired. I mean, I nearly fell asleep in the library today.
Speaking of the library, people was making fun of violinists, a VIOLAIST of all people!!! How can bootleg violinists make fun of the real ones???? Okay, I'm not as offended as I sound...but yeah.
I need to do so much work, but I can't do any of it now...damn.

P.S: I also dreamt that the Yankees lost, turns out I was right.
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09:02pm 16/10/2004

I got a horrible notice in my inbox today. Aside from the fact that I will probably be not going to the Sting concert on the 19th, photobuckey emailed me to say that they are imposing new restrictions on non-paying subscribers. There is now such thing as bandwidth and limit of pictures and sizes of pictures.

I swear, when I read that, I screamed.

Photobucket has been the one RELIABLE source for direct linking!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A SOURCE LIKE THAT?!?!? I mean, there are only so many that actually allow you to upload pictures, and only so many from that so many that have a decent uploading allowance size-wize, and then, and only so many from that so many so many that doesn't screw you over and say that you have a bandwidth limit that only lets you show a picture for a week on a journal or something!

Okay well, my world is crashing down around me.

Yeah so...I'm watching The Outer Limits now. And there are good stories, so I'm going to watch that now. ...I want to snuggle with A. oh pooh.

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Psat madness   
09:13pm 15/10/2004

Everyone is going crazy about the PSATs, and it's really a practice for the practice of a real test, so you can't get a scholarship...or maybe it's just because I didn't 'study' for it and I'm feeling stupid. ...damn.

Anyhow...I was planning to just get lots of sleep tonight, and worry about everything later. But my parents being typical asian parents are raising a fuss about how I'm not going to score a 1500+. Evil evil. But actually, I can understand why, I mean, I would too, if I were my own parent, but still...putting all this ultimately unneeded stress on a child is life-threatening!!

I don't know what to write about...providing that this blog is safe, unlike what happened to my last one...I guess I'll feel free enough to write something of actual importance in the near future. On the issue of safety, it's inevitable for someone you know that you don't want to know, will find you out. It's kind of impossible to hide yourself unless you're really desperate, unless it really depends on your life.

It's kind of like all those book characters. The dark, tortured ones that people love so much. It's because someone really horrible happened in their life, and they just can't bear it and be a normal person. No one NORMAL could ever be like Snape, or your other half-evil chars.

That was pretty much meaningless...oi...

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Help me!!   
10:32pm 14/10/2004
mood: tired

I shouldn't be online....*guilty look*

taken from kenupntr , an LJ user.

3 things which revolt me :
- when you somehow get holes in your mouth, and they hurt.
- idiots who don't understand that when I'm angry I laugh.
- needles/blood tests

3 things which I don't understand :
- math.
- males/teenage ones
- love

3 things I'd like to learn :
- math, ahaha
- professional analytical essay writing.
- Counterstrike

3 things I am wearing right now :
- My school t-shirt that I bought for gym, but never used.
- My light blue, nearly see though (oh dear) pj pants.
- err...my skin? I sort of ran out of articles of clothing suitable to write about.

3 things on my desk :
- my tablet (woah!! She and me! We're like, the same!)
- My math textbooks. Damn.
- a cup

3 things I want to do before I die :
- see Alan Rickman.
- "meet the shanks!" says kenupntr, hahah, I say: write an orchestral composition and hear it played, yeah, I'm boring.
- Sleep...like...alot.

3 good things about my personality :
- I make friends easily (keeping them is another story)
- I don't know...
- I like Auron?

3 bad things about my personality :
- I don't give clear messages to girls and boys alike. (open to interpretation)
- Grudge holder and paraoid person when I get messed with.
- I don't have a poker face, it all shows.

3 parts of my heritage :
- Korean
- err...American? (I don't think that counts...wtf is a pureblood American? lol)
- ...Korean...whatever.

3 things I like about my body :
- my arms...don't ask
- my hands, they're tiny, for my age.
- nothing else really...like...really liking anyhow...oh wait, I know!! MY STOMACH!

3 things I don't like about my body :
- the skin on my feet...it peels really easily
- my forehead....*whistle* Actually, it's hardly noticable now.
- my back, I can feel my spine. *shudder*

5 things most people don't know about me :
- I used to rp alot by AOL, it was hell...
- I used to stalk Animorph fans, and found the webmaster of a really big fanpage before, and then he blocked me...
- I have dreams about dying, and killing, and it doesn't disturb me.
- I steal pens from my siblings.
- I like techno.

3 things I say the most :
- I love Auron.
- ...wtf (I actually make the sounds), this is ridiculous.

3 places I want to go :
- Ireland
- Korea
- Lothlorien

3 names that I go by :
- Aldrea
- Kay
- Era

3 screen names I use or have used :
- Spclighter89
- (the current one I have now)
- sanguinedcoat

6 things you love to eat:
- white peaches.
- baby apricots
- raw fish. *smile*
- broccoli pizza, don't ask.
- water...does that count?

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08:47pm 14/10/2004
mood: blah

Okay well...I've uploaded new icons, but it's irritating how people just make a whole bunch and say that they're really good, and they're over 40 K, and you can't even use them. Stupid people.

I've been exhausted lately...hardly 6 hours of sleep each day, and I'm still going to Kumdo. I think I'm insane or something! People keep asking me why I go, but it's just because I love it, and I hate missing even one class. To be honest, I'm getting sloppy. Whenever I lead, I screw up, then I start laughing. I forgot how to count yesterday, wasn't very fun for me because I didn't realize that I kept skipping 8.

I should really be doing homework, so I guess I'll leave.

Not much info...sucks, lol, I know.

Oh and, LJ's customization is such a bitch.

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Break it down   
02:05pm 14/10/2004
  Well...I guess this is primarily for the people, or person who has been keeping track of my life previously, since I'm not going to give any background. I do have to say that...friends are...irritating at times.  
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